Welcome to Bodhi Watch

We are a specialist company for the collection and management of patient biometric and PROMS data for medical research projects.

Our Mission is to support you, the innovative clinical experts, and together make an individual’s data positively impact the lives of patients.

Our service offering ensures that your research is compliant and secure. As the only UK based patient biometric and PROMS management system, we ensure that your research adheres to the increasingly strict data management rules.

Our understanding of new wearable technology allows us to build solutions for your clinical trials that are cost-effective yet designed specifically to engage with the elderly patient population. This unique combination can democratise clinical trials as all patients are now eligible to join.

Happy Users

We aim for users (patients in most cases) to stick with the trial for its duration. A high usage percentage is a key objective.

We are conscious that our users are often elderly, not used to complex gadgets. We are also conscious that the expense of smart phones discriminates against the elderly and those with low income. None of that applies to our users.

We are multi-lingual so Urdu, Bengali, Arabic, Chinese are all supported. We can provide for hard-of-hearing and poor-eyesight.

Through the Nurse we provide a full support service to the users.

Whatever it takes, and the trial allows, we will offer it to the medical team in pre-trial exchanges so the user usage is the highest ever for trials.

Analytics and Algorithms


Our team of analysts and statisticians evaluate the huge volumes of data on a continuing basis. We look for the obvious and not-so-obvious, consistencies and shadows, how one string of data correlates or disturbs another string.

As any researcher will tell you: “It’s soft ground, but you don’t know where the gold is.”

The medics are the experts, we are the diggers and heavers. Together we are the perfect team.

The Typical Trial

The first step is to get to know the medical team and the drivers that inform the trial. Knowing the expected outcomes and playing laterally with other possibilities brings excitement to the journey, even at pre-trial stage.

There are steps on the joint Project Plan that are prescriptive. There are Roles and Responsibilities that are key to governance. And there is research “play-time” that brings excitement.

To cap it all, there are the published papers that become the catalyst for the post-trial deployment. Realising that vision is what drives the team.

What We Collect

Working with various NHS Trusts, and ‘mature’ patient charities we have designed an age agnostic patient biometric data collection wearable system.

Key to the design is the Low Friction, High Frequency way our data is collected. We have worked with patients of all age groups to seek their input and insights to enable us to offer a wearable that truly meets their needs. Although we can fit with most wearables, we can guide you as to what works, and what does not for your senior trial participants. Some examples of what we can offer: Activity – Heart Rates – Oxygen levels – Sleep Patterns – Weight – Blood Pressure – ECG – Temperature – Eyesight – Pain – Mental Health.

We also schedule PROMS collection, that can be undertaken live from the patients’ home. The match of this subjective and objective biometric data is fascinating and makes working with Bodhi Watch a worthwhile process to extract unique and interesting outcomes.

Why Choose Bodhi Watch

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bodhi Watch Management

Our Mission…

Our Mission is to support you, the innovative clinical experts, and together make an individual’s data positively impact the lives of patients.

Specialist Processes

New technology allows us to think laterally, to envision solutions that are cost-effective, add little or no overhead to a sector that is stretched, and most of all help prolong people’s lives.

Our Partners

NHS Trials

Our specialty so far has been on medical trials at the NHS hospitals in London: St. Thomas’ and King’s Hospital and St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Cardiac disease causes the highest number of deaths in the UK. This is an important area of research.  We are also exploring pre-trials in other disease areas.

Heart Valve Voice

Bodhi Watch is supported by Heart Valve Voice which was founded to raise awareness of the symptoms and severity of heart valve disease.

The charity has several objectives such as increasing awareness of symptoms of heart valve disease, ensuring effective treatment pathways, campaigning, providing advice and representing patients.

Maurice Spillane


As an entrepreneur for several decades, Maurice has been at the forefront of innovative software development. He had several “firsts” in complex production applications for pharmaceutical and process companies, and the development of code generators to sigma-six standard.

Maurice won several business and technical awards and has two patents. He lived and worked in England, Ireland, USA, Germany and Zambia.

A major achievement was leading the team of forensic scientists and software developers that created the current generation of DNA Matching. This UK-developed forensic product, a world first, is now used by most countries, including in the USA Homeland Security.

. The synergy between the forensic experts and software technicians in that project is a mirror for exciting possibilities between the medical experts and the Bodhi Watch analysts.

Maurice is also a published poet.

We are Bodhi Watch

Managing medical research projects using advanced computing technology.

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